A Stroke With a Putter

So what is a putter? Well, a putter is a kind of club that is used for playing golf. It is very handy when it comes to playing a comparatively shorter stroke. The strokes played with a putter are low in speed and distance. The aim of a golf player while using a putter is to roll the ball off in the hole. And for something like this, it is necessary that the ball is at a really shorter distance from thgolf-881382_960_720e hole. It is very easy to identify a putter as compared to other clubs (both woods and irons).

A putter has got a flat club-head, bent shaft, and grips that are non-circular. It is more effective when used to put the ball in a hole from a very near position and work better if in greens as compared to rough patches. The ball simply rolls in the hole if aimed properly. Certain things like grip, glide, shaft bent and loft are looked at in a precise manner while selecting a putter. Ideal putter should in no way enhance or support a bounce. This is important because it is used to roll the ball in the hole and not used for striking a long distance shot.

Putters do not have a round grip like other clubs. One look at a putter and even a layman can know that it is different from other clubs. It plays a vital role in golf when it comes to rolling the ball off in the hole. No golf player can play and win without a putter in the golf bag. Like any other equipment required while playing golf, this equipment holds a lot of importance too. There are many new designs that have come up in last few years as far as putters are concerned. New materials are used nowadays to manufacture them.