All You Need to Know About Wedges

As a golfer, you would know the importance of a good wedge when it comes to playing short distance shots. Wedges are part of the iron family and are usually used for short distance shots because they add immense accuracy to them. It is typically an iron with very heavy clubheads and comparatively shorter shafts. The lofts in wedges are high. All these properties make them apt for short distance shots. They are good when it comes to taking the ball out of a spot which is not very easy to play. Generally, wedges are categorized as below:traits-every-great-golfer-must-have-jpg

  • Pitching Wedges: Pitching wedge is used for short distance shots wherein a bounce is not required. It can cover anything between 50 yards to 120 yards.
  • Sand Wedges: If a golf player has to take a shot from sand bunkers then in that situation, sand wedges are helpful. The loft is higher in this wedge with an angle for a great bounce.
  • Gap Wedges: It is comparatively a high lofted wedge when looked at in comparison to the pitching wedge. Unlike pitching wedge, this wedge does have a bounce, however, it is very less. It is helpful when it comes to slightly longer grass.
  • Lob Wedges: Lob wedges have got the highest loft when it comes to all the other wedges. Of course, like other wedges, this one is also used for shorter distance; however, it is used in typical situations. If you have to play a shot with a high angle, when it comes to launching and the distance that is required to be covered is short then lob wedge is the solution for you. In addition to this, it is helpful when you are playing in a patch of sand adjacent to the greens. This way, you can play the shot for sand and green both without changing it from sand wedge to lob wedge.