Golf Accessories – A Must

Usually, people who are new when it comes to playing golf pay a lot of attention to the equipment, however totally forget about golf accessories. There is much more than clubs and balls when it comes to playing golf. Some of the accessories that play a vital role when it comes to enjoying golf are:

  • Golf Shoes: Playing golf means unnamedthat you have to walk a lot. In fact, an eighteen holes game literally means that you have to walk around 6 miles in total. It can be even more than 6 miles at times. Hence, it is imperative that enough attention is given to the golf shoes too. If you are not comfortable in walking then the whole game can become a painful experience. The shoes should have a great grip so that you can easily put power in your shot. They shouldn’t be slippery.
  • Golf Gloves: A lot of newbies might just try their hands on a golf game without gloves. However, people who play it regularly swear by gloves. Playing golf is not an easy game. One needs to be under the sun for a long time and that can mean sweaty hands. Hence, gloves are essential to ensure you have a good grip on your club while hitting that winning shot. Imagine you are playing a shot and the club flying off in the air because your hands couldn’t grip it properly. The worst will be a situation if the flying club actually hits someone.
  • Shirts & Trousers: One should invest money in comfortable and airy shirts for playing golf for easy movement of arms and a comfortable game. Same applies for the trousers too.
  • Golf Cap: Wearing a cap at times can be a choice, however if it is a really sunny day then cap becomes a necessity. It should not be too loose or too tight.