Various Golf Club Types

While playing golf is considered classy, it requires a lot of choices to be made in order to play well. Golf equipment is not available everywhere and is a bit expensive also. Buying golf club can be an extensive activity which requires a lot of patience and knowledge in order to get the best. Various golf club types with main specifications are:


These golf clubs are made of woods and hence popularly known as woods too. Nowadays, various other materials like steel and titanium is also used to make them, however still people refer to drivers as woods. These clubs are mainly used for the very first shot. The shafts used in these are mainly made of graphite. Drivers are the longest in the golf kit bag with the biggest clubhead. The clubhead can be as big as 460 cc. Most of the new golf players prefer large head as compared to smaller ones which are more popular with expert golf players.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are also manufactured with wood or other metals. If the loft of the clubhead is more, the shot goes for a shorter distance but is higher in the air. These clubs have steel or graphite shafts. The clubhead is smaller than that of driver’s; however, the look it carries is same. Usually, golf players use this club for fairway shots that are longer and straight.


This club is basically a hybrid of wood and steel. Many people use it in place of irons too. These can be used for a shorter as well as longer shot.


Irons come in sets of 6 or 8 irons along with pitching and gap wedge. The shafts used in irons can be either made of steel or graphite. Wedges and Putters are also important club types that need to be part of the kit.