What and Why – Golf Ball

The ball used to play golf is called the golf ball. It is not that simple though because this ball is specially designed for playing golf. There are a lot of things considered in a golf ball and hence it can’t be played with just any ball. Certain specifications and things to consider when talking about golf ball are:golf-ball-in-hole

  • Mass: Mass of a golf ball cannot be more than 45.93 grams (1.620 oz).
  • Diameter: The diameter of a golf ball has to be at least 42.67 mm (1.680 inches).
  • Approval: A golf ball should be approved by R & A and the United States Golf Association in order to be used in competitions.
  • Compression: The level of compression in a golf ball is also important. A ball with a high level of compressions tends to fly more distance as it captures more energy. On the other hand, a golf ball with less compression travels less in air.
  • Cover Material: If the cover material of the golf ball is comparatively softer then there are more chances of a spin. At the same time, such balls are not long lasting. The spin is also not as per the player’s wish. It can be a disaster if it spins a lot. Hence, a lot of players usually prefer hard cover material.
  • Pattern: Golf balls can either be plain or with dimples. The approval authorities of golf ball state that the pattern of dimples on the golf ball should be symmetrical in nature. These dimples can be different in size; however the pattern should be more or less symmetrical.

If such things are taken into consideration, then it is like winning half of the battle already. A good ball is important for a great game. Attention should be paid while selecting the golf ball.